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Why "It Gets Late Early"

Some of you may be wondering why this show is called It Gets Late Early. The rest of you understand it’s both an homage to a late baseball player with a penchant for hilarious sayings AND a commentary on the absurdity of the demographic makeup of the tech workforce.

Yogi Berra once said “it gets late early out there” in reference to the tough sun conditions he faced at Yankee Stadium during certain hours when in the outfield. Berra was known for his folksy and humorous double entendres. Of course, this statement is not only commentary on how it felt playing left field, but also about the absurd pace with which time flies in life. I think we can all agree with both Yogi and Ferris Bueller that life moves pretty fast…am I right? I can't believe I'm actually quoting a New York Yankee, by the way...more on that later.

I was kicking around name ideas for the podcast last year with my social media manager, Eric, and because it was verging on Fall, we began talking excitedly about the upcoming baseball postseason. My love for the sport goes way back: my late grandpa had brought me to games as a kid, taught me how to use a paper scorecard to score the games, and reminded me that the ballpark wasn’t just a giant restaurant teeming with red ropes and peanuts. My first job was actually at the Seattle Mariners Team Store at Safeco Field (RIP, it’s now TMobile Park). My childhood bedroom had posters of Bret Boone and Ken Griffey Jr. all over it. Griffey (or "Junior") actually replied to my question about why he didn't smile when he hit home runs (by the way, he didn't want to gloat in front of the pitcher he had just annihilated - good man). And, craziest of all, I even subscribed to a now defunct publication called Baseball Weekly while in college. So, yeah…you could say I was into it.

It was during this chat with Eric about the Seattle Mariners’ late season surge and their chances to actually make the playoffs for the FIRST TIME IN 21 YEARS (oh my gah, the pain of being a Seattle sports fan) that MY OH MY (another baseball joke) suddenly the podcast name came to me - IT GETS LATE EARLY! As soon as the phrase crossed my mind, I knew it was the ONLY name for the show. It was **chef’s kiss.**

Hopefully, its meaning and resonance is self-explanatory (that’s what I was going for anyway). Because in tech, it really does get late early - time flies, and you’re considered older at a very quick clip, at a very young age. I love the playfulness of the phrase. Because though this topic can be tough, levity and humor is the best approach to bring people into the fray to discuss it. At least, that’s my take. And it sure is more fun that way anyway.

And given this show is ultimately about increasing diversity in the industry, the fact this show title is a sports allusion in the male-dominated tech sector is just the icing on the cake. There’s a reason I’ve instinctively gone by “Mo” at my various workplace. SPORTS! I’m sure deep down it was my attempt to fit in with the boys in the Brotopia (hat tip to Emily Chang for that gem of a name) of tech.

And so a podcast was born. Thanks for being here with me, IGLErs (just had to try the cutesy tech company moniker out - think “Zoomies,” “Stripes,” and “Googlers,” if you will).

Did you catch the sports reference when you heard the podcast name? Are you a baseball fan? Is time flying? Does it get late early? Drop your thoughts below, I can’t wait to connect with you.

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