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And Just Like That...Carrie Bradshaw is The Same Age as The Golden Girls.

Oh my oh my, what a haircut can do. However, it’s true. With the exception of Sophia who is in her 80’s, the Golden Girls and Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda from And Just Like That alike, are all in their 50s.

While the Golden Girls are supposedly in their “golden years” (which is a polite way to sugar coat their older years), And Just Like That frames this stage of the characters' lives in a much different way.

This disparity further proves that age is just a number and doesn’t have as much meaning as society gives it. And Just Like That is demonstrating that women can have fruitful, dramatic, and action-packed lives filled with new friendships, romances, jobs, degrees, hairstyles, and more.

The first and most obvious example is the way the characters are dressed and styled. While the Golden Girls fashion short curly haircuts that they most likely did not have in their 30s, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda still don their signature styles that put them on the map in the 90s…just with a few more grays!

Despite the two shows being unique and representing different ideologies surrounding a woman’s role in society as she ages, it is comforting to see some progress over the years. And Just Like That does not frame the protagonist's ages as “golden” or even “final.”

It is refreshing to see such progress, because in 2023 there is no reason for a woman to consider her 50s “golden years.” A woman in her ‘50s is not a grandma…she could still be raising her teenage children, dating, going back to school, moving to a new city, and so much more. 50 is still 15 years short of the retirement age (which, by the way, increases every year). Sure, every year should be golden - but at any age, there is still so much potential.

This alarming realization between the two shows is further proof that women are still judged on their looks to a distressing degree. She is judged for her gray hairs, her wrinkles, her clothing, and her figure. Golden Girls and And Just Like That present middle-aged women to two extreme degrees: ones who look too old for their age and ones who overcompensate and thus try to appear as young as possible. Can women not just…exist?

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