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Empowering Conversations

Breaking Ageism in Tech

For Both Employees and Companies

Let’s change the future of the tech workforce together.

The tech sector is widely known to openly prefer youth. Yet with every passing moment, we are all aging (yes, even you). And despite the understanding that ageism is a problem in this industry, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs all but ignore age as a factor.

We all deserve to enjoy long, fruitful tech careers, regardless of how old we are. And companies need the substantial value driven by employing experienced workers. 

The time is now
not later.

It Gets Late Early is a podcast and community of tech employees bringing awareness to the issues facing experienced workers and striving to create a better working world for all.


Through our primary research, review of data on the sector, and interviews with experts and employees from companies across the industry, we will discover the truth about our current reality, underscore what happens if we do not change course, and show the value of employing an age-diverse workforce in tech companies.

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